First round with class 5b and student councilor Irmgard Schwoshuber (right) from the Traunreut Secondary School, the planning team of Hauck & Aufhäuser (member of the circle of friends José Hazanas, middle left), board of friends Dr. Robert Anzeneder and Dr. Birgit Löffler.
Alicia and Micha from the Traunreut Secondary School with Karen Krämer from the Hauck&Aufhäuser Cultural Foundation (from left) during the test run in November 2019
Test run Baselitz with (from left) art teacher Susanne Frigge, Matilda and Manuel from Traunreut Secondary School in front of "Zwei vom Foto", 2002, © Georg Baselitz
When DASMAXIMUM opens its doors again at Pentecost, they will be there: the first family accompanying sheets, which can now be used free of charge by little explorers with their parents in the museum and taken home with them. It was a great wish of the museum team to give young people and families an opportunity to explore art on their own.

At DASMAXIMUM, the selection of a few artists and large groups of works, as well as tranquillity, light and space, deliberately contribute to the intensity of the encounter with art. The permanence of the collection invites us to return and rediscover. All the more reason for the museum guide not to illustrate a quick overall tour, but rather to provide an opportunity for in-depth exploration of individual areas. Together with art teacher Susanne Frigge and young people from the Traunreut secondary school, wishes were formulated, ideas developed and the sheets tested: what are the children's favourite works, what are the most burning questions? And if the art of our time is not about "liking" or "interpreting", what is it about?

The accompanying sheets build on the positive experience of the museum with untrained museum guests and children. They often surprise with their immediate, sensitive understanding of art and also possess a high creative potential. Accordingly, the large, inviting arches do not ask for knowledge, but contain, for example, materials for playful experimentation and have an effect beyond the museum visit. In this way, parents - under the guidance of their children and together with them - can also be gently guided through small practical tasks to grasp art in a sensual-intuitive way.

Stimulating - arousing curiosity - do-it-yourself - these are the three pillars of the museum companions. Since the elaborately designed sheets were financially unbearable for the museum's circle of friends and supporters and its numerous other projects, the Hauck & Aufhäuser Cultural Foundation became aware of the concept. The foundation's managing director, Karen Krämer, provided the financing without further ado and did not miss the opportunity to get involved in the operative side of things: "I was able to experience with how much joy and commitment school classes can visit the museum and discover art outside the regular opening hours: a museum guide for families on weekends is a must here!

The German artists Georg Baselitz and Uwe Lausen the US-Americans John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin and Walter De Maria are now the first artists to be invited on this voyage of discovery. Entirely in keeping with the spirit of the museum's founder Heiner Friedrich, this creates opportunities for rapprochement which, for once, do not take the form of art-historical facts, but which give pleasure in further joint encounters with art.

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