DASMAXIMUM shows five German and four American artists who have decisively shaped art since the 1960s to the present day. They are among the closest companions of Heiner Friedrich, who since his beginnings as a gallery owner in Munich, Cologne and New York has made the realization of permanent presentations of contemporary art his leitmotif. Internationally active as a mediator between artists and museums and as a co-founder of such important foundations as the Dia Art Foundation, he now also enables repeated and intensive encounters with contemporary art in Traunreut.

For DASMAXIMUM, a previously industrially used building complex on more than 4300m² was converted into a daylight museum on a site in the city centre. In the spacious halls, Georg Baselitz and Uwe Lausenworks from various work phases provide an overview of his oeuvre, while Imi Knoebel and Maria Zerre's large-format series create places of concentration.

A special focus is put on the rich collection of works by American artists. There are more than 20 pictures of Andy Warhol, each with its own halls for the sculptures of John Chamberlain and Walter de Maria, as well as the lighting installation of all the "European couples" by Dan Flavin, which has been the intensive combination of American and German art since the 1960s Years. In Upper Bavaria, this is now the European largest stock of contemporary American art, together with the Pinakothek der Moderne and the museum Brandhorst in Munich and the "Dream House" of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela in the Regenbogenstadl polling at Weilheim.

And beyond the hustle and bustle of the momentary events, Traunreuts "Art Present" now marks a cultural centre between Munich and Salzburg.


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