The buildings of the DASMAXIMUM Foundation are located on a four-hectare site in downtown Traunreuts. They date from the years around 1938 and were part of a munitions processing plant of the NS state. The site of this "MUNA" extended with numerous depot and factory halls over large parts of the present-day city centre of Traunreut and took up newly founded industrial enterprises in the post-war period.

The part of the site, which today houses DASMAXIMUM, acquired the Alzmetall company founder Harald Friedrich in the early 1950s. Here he produced the small car "sparrow". Until the end of the 1990s, the halls were used industrially.

Among the more than 4300m² of exhibition space is also the wooden barrack acquired by Harald Friedrich, which was used as a school building in the nearby Altenmarkt in the post-war years. Today it houses the complete installation of the "European Couples" by Dan Flavin.

The colour scheme of the large halls is based on a concept of the painter Maria Zerres. With its red and yellow facades and blue roofs, visitors are attuned to the works of art inside the halls. As a primary color chord and the basis of painting, it is an obvious sign for the conscious rededication of this site.