The museum DASMAXIMUM is based on an exhibition concept that does not focus on the transfer of knowledge, but rather the immediate art experience. The architecture and presentation contribute significantly to the success of this approach.
DASMAXIMUM is situated away from the tourist itineraries and offers its visitors a central location in the city centre, through the adjacent forest but still a quiet atmosphere. The buildings are part of a historical ensemble that welcomes visitors in spacious halls with the original wooden trusses.
As a pure Daylight museum it offers the opportunity to rediscover the works of art in the changing light of the day and the seasons. Neither display boards nor comparable information intermediaries distract from the works themselves; Group tours take place outside the normal opening hours, if possible.
The selection of the artists represented is concentrated on a number which on the one hand allows a representative view of the art between 1960 and today, but also on the works in its original context. This includes the presentation of large and large-scale work groups with the main works of the respective artists. As far as possible, they themselves or their representatives were involved in the suspension.

The main stock is a foundation supplemented only by individual loans to the public.

As a result of these elements, a free, lively dialogue with art emerges.