Henrikje Stanze in front of the painting "Hunt for the Last Meat" from Uwe Lausen.

Pauline Füg and Henrikje Stanze with participants of the Seniorengarten Auszeit in front of the picture Camouflage by Andy Warhol.

For the seventh time now DASMAXIMUM organizes the project WORT:BILDER and invited people who have otherwise little contact with art to the museum´s exhibition. Inspired and authorized by the two stage poets Henrikje Stanze and Pauline Füg chose works by Andy Warhol, Georg Baselitz and Uwe Lausen as their starting point and transformed them into words and poetry together with their visitors, including Lebenshilfe, Jugendsiedlung und Seniorengarten Traunreut The impressive results can be heard and seen at a summer party in July bringing together the participants, their relatives and any other interested visitors.

A film by Regional television Upper Bavaria provides impressions of the event , talks to the participants and presents poems created.