VHS guided tour: Maximalism in Minimalism? - Minimal Art in the USA and Germany


November 18, 2023    
10:00 - 12:00


Fridtjof-Nansen-Straße 16, Traunreut, Bavaria, 83301, Bavaria

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The art movement of "minimal art" emerged in the 1960s in the USA as a counter-movement to the prevailing abstract painting and the seemingly trivial imagery of pop art. The artists used industrial materials and production processes to serially produce simple geometric forms, seemingly without artistic signature. Objects were created that neither depicted nor told a story. "What you see is what you see", formulated Frank Stella, an important representative of minimal art: the work is what it is. Form and content coincide. It was not least thanks to the efforts of Heiner Friedrich, founder of the DASMAXIMUM museum, that minimal art also gained a foothold in Germany. In his galleries, he showed works by the most important American representatives of minimal art such as Walter De Maria and Dan Flavin, who also inspired young German artists such as Imi Knoebel and Blinky Palermo to experiment with minimalism.
On the guided tour we will enter the apparently barren world of minimalism and discover a maximum of pleasure in painting, joy in colour and creative room for play in self-aware artistic self-limitation.

You can register via the VHS Traunreut under the course number R2101.
Cost: 10€ (incl. admission)