For the second time, students from Chiemgau and Munich had the chance to develop and implement a project for a better future as part of the FutureAtelier at DASMAXIMUM. The ZukunftsAtelier 2023, inspired by the visionary ideas of the artist Joseph Beuys, became a platform where young people can become loud and take social responsibility.

Pupils of the Realschule Freiham collecting ideas at DASMAXIMUM. Photo DASMAXIMUM.

A total of four school classes took part in this inspiring project and threw themselves with enthusiasm and passion into the task of shaping their visions for a sustainable and fair future.

The students of Realschule Freiham addressed a burning issue under the theme "We deserve this": the lack of communication between teachers, parents and students. They felt that they were not sufficiently noticed and heard, so in long discussions they developed terms such as co-determination, freedom of expression, tolerance, equality and respect, which represented their "salary" for harmonious coexistence. Their creative expression was reflected on T-shirts symbolizing their message. In addition, they planned an impressive sculpture made of cardboard, which is still being completed.


A student designing the T-shirt motifs. Photo: S. Frigge.

The young people spray their messages onto the T-shirts with textile paint. Photo: S. Frigge.


The students of the Realschule Traunreut focused on the topic of "healthy nutrition and cooking lessons as a subject in all grades". With creativity and commitment, they designed cotton bags with recipes and shopping lists, created their own logo in linocut and ordered aprons with the logo for their presentation at the summer festival. Their idea was not just to preach healthy eating, but to actively integrate it into everyday school life.

During the first module, topics are collected that concern the young people and where they would like to and can become active themselves. Photo: THEMAXIMUM.

The students of the Realschule Traunreut would like to integrate healthy food into their daily school routine. Photo: S. Frigge.

As a sign, they decided on self-designed bags and aprons with healthy recipes and their own logo. Photo: S. Frigge.

The Raubling high school addressed the topic "LEARNING ABOUT LIFE". Their goal was to question the rigid school system and to integrate important life skills such as stress management and relaxation techniques more strongly into the classroom. Their poster showed school as a puzzle with important pieces of life missing. Accompanied by a film showing a stressed top manager who was overwhelmed by simple tasks in everyday life, the Schüler:innen wanted to discuss their idea with the principal's office and advocate for a more holistic education.

The process of finding a topic is indispensably linked to a good culture of discussion. This is used by the students well and with pleasure. Photo: DASMAXIMUM

First drafts for the jigsaw puzzle, which will serve as a sign for the students of Raubling High School. Photo: S. Frigge.

The Staatliche Realschule Trostberg has taken up the topic of waste avoidance. With the initial question "How can we draw attention to the waste problem and at the same time take action ourselves?" the students came up with the idea of a recipe book for waste avoidance. Each student creates a recipe for avoiding or eliminating waste in everyday life or at school.

First brainstorming from the different students about the topic.

The students write down their ideas and thoughts about the topic.


Like last year, a public presentation of the finished projects is planned again this year. Of course, we will inform about date and place in time on our website, as well as on our social media channels.

The museum DASMAXIMUM is proud of the creative results of the students and thanks all participants for their commitment and support. The FutureAtelier 2023 was a complete success and impressively showed how important it is to offer young people a platform to contribute their ideas and visions for a sustainable future.

The FutureAtelier 2023 took place within the framework of the Climate Art Festival of STADTKULTUR e.V.. A heartfelt thank you also goes to this year's sponsors: County of Traunstein, District of Upper Bavaria, Freundes- und Förderkreis DASMAXIMUM e.V. and Stiftung Zukunft Jetzt! For the Munich school class.

The FutureAtelier 2023 took place within the framework of the

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