On Sunday, October 8, the museum DASMAXIMUM opens its doors for the fourth time this year with the support of the Kreissparkasse Traunstein-Trostberg for the event "Museum for All". The museum is open with free admission from 11am- 4pm, a special program awaits visitors.

Visitors at "Museum for All" in June 2023 in front of drawings by Andy Warhol from 1985-1986. (c) The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Fittingly for the open Sunday in Traunreut, "Museum für Alle" is all about pop art and its world-famous main representative Andy Warhol. Warhol used photographs and images from advertising, cinema or magazines as models for his paintings. He became known with pictures of film star Marylin Monroe, soup cans, flowers or shoes. It was important to him to abolish the separation between art in museums and the visual world of everyday life. At DASMAXIMUM, more than twenty large-format works and drawings from Warhol's late work at the beginning of the 1980s are on view.

At noon, an art encounter for children is dedicated to the artist Andy Warhol. With a museum staff member, they will explore the process of creating the paintings and experiment with Warhol's penchant for doubling and copying. The program is aimed at Children between about 8 and 12 years and lasts 1 hour. At 2 p.m., museum director Dr. Maria Schindelegger will give a short guided tour about Andy Warhol's life, explain the background of Pop Art and present some of the exhibited works in more detail. Participation in both program points is free, registration is not necessary.

With the joint event series "Museum for All", the museum DASMAXIMUM and the Kreissparkasse Traunstein-Trostberg want to make contemporary art accessible to a broad audience in the most uncomplicated way possible.

More information about the event series is available here.