New mediation format at DASMAXIMUM

artMOVED is a new art education program at DASMAXIMUM that is aimed at people with and without inclusion needs. The majority of traditional museum education concepts are based on a linguistic and intellectual approach to art, which makes access more difficult for people with various social, physical or cognitive disabilities. Together with the two dance educators Andrea Marton and Ute Schmitt, we would like to work with artMOVED take a different path, based on a physical and intuitive perspective.

A central component of the new concept is developing it together with the relevant target groups. In March, representatives from various social institutions met at DASMAXIMUM to discuss the new concept with the museum team and dance educators. artMOVED and adapt them to the individual needs and strengths of the respective groups.

With artMOVED The aim is to create a long-term and inclusive offer that not only brings the most diverse target groups into the museum halls via the "mixed ability" approach, but also creates a place for encounters and cultural participation.

The first project run in July 2024 will therefore also be used to engage in a direct exchange with the participants in order to create a joint project for real cultural participation in the long term.

Participation in kunstBEWEGT 2024

July 15-18, 2024

The first edition of kunstBEWEGT will take place for the first time in Sessions from July 15-18, 2024 and takes up works by the artist Imi Knoebel. The space offers enough room for movement, the large-format wall objects invite visitors to explore themes such as grouping, isolation, superimposition and dynamics and can be transformed into movement.

Social institutions and schools can now register to take part in a session in July 2024.

All information about the project and registration can be downloaded here:

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