Oak planting in honour of Joseph Beuys at Traunreuter Rathausplatz (Photo Gastager/R. Winkler)

Together with the city of Traunreut, the DASMAXIMUM Foundation has again planted "in honor of Joseph Beuys" : two heat-resistant Hungarian oaks have been standing on Traunreut's Rathausplatz since Friday (14 December 2018) and, together with their basalt stelae, form an inviting gateway to the center of the city.

The regional television reported that the Traunreuter indicator brought a big article, and also in the surrounding newspapers the planting found detailed mention.

With our meanwhile numerous circle of friends, guests and planting sponsors, we are now looking forward to the next settlements in Traunreut on 29 March 2019 at the secondary school and at the beginning of April at Nansenstraße and DASMAXIMUM.