Participants in the Chamberlain holiday campaign with their results.

DASMAXIMUM participated in the Traunreut holiday program with two events at the end of August and beginning of September. For children aged 10 to 15, the focus was on the work of John Chamberlain. What can be formed from car sheet metal, aluminum foil, old washing machines, oil drums, dishwashing sponges, paper bags and foam? Together with Birgit Löffler, the children explored the experimental and imaginative world of the American sculptor, who created imaginative sculptures not only with his hands but also from words.

Together with Maria Schindelegger, children from 6 to 10 went on a voyage of discovery into the color-light room of the American artist Dan Flavin. Can you paint with light? How do the colours mix in space? How does coloured light affect our mood? With great enthusiasm the children observed, marveled, collected, drew, deformed and wrote poetry. At the end, everyone strengthened themselves with a snack together.

Some impressions are provided by a short film of the town of Traunreut, which here is on display.