KunstWortKunst: Pupils:inside in front of a painting by Maria Zerres, "Gautama", 2010, photo Florian Freier © VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2015

The award winners (from left) Max Christis, Annalena Plereiter, Jonas Eschenfelder, Anja Perschl between their laudators, the youth literature critic Christine Knödler (left) and museum director Dr. Birgit Löffler.



After several jury rounds from November to January, in which the youth literature critic Christine Knödler and the writer Norbert Niemann, together with five other experts from the fields of German studies, art, culture and the press, thoroughly scrutinized the results, the winners have now been determined: they are Max Christis (Hertzhaimer Gymnasium Trostberg), Jonas Eschenfelder (KUMAX, Burghausen), Anja Perschl (JHG Traunreut) and Annalena Plereiter (CHG Traunstein). They have the choice of spending a day in the artist's studio or in the publishing house looking over the shoulders of well-known personalities. At the festive tribute in the Chiemgau-Gymnasium in Traunstein, principal Klaus Kiesl emphasized the importance of the DASMAXIMUM museum, which has now also become an institution for schools. Dr. Robert Anzeneder, principal of the Johannes-Heidenhain-Gymnasium in Traunreut, which as a reference school of the Technical University of Munich in the school cluster was the coordinator and motor of the campaign, reported in his speech moved by his surprise at the level of the texts.

He then honored all the participants on stage. The class 10a of the Hertzhaimer Gymnasium in Trostberg, under the direction of their art teacher Jana Mehler, had handmade a certificate for each of them as a small work of paper art; and for each of them there was a gift of an artist's pen, which, according to Anzeneder, may inspire its owner to continue writing.

The overall results proved to be so impressive that the "Freundes- und Förderkreis DASMAXIMUM Traunreut e.V." spontaneously decided to publish a selection of 15 contributions compiled by the jury of the competition in an anthology, which will be presented at the award ceremony. The individual contributions have the most diverse approaches to the works. They are poems, short stories and essays, journeys into the imaginative thought worlds of young people, but at the same time also evidence of the impressive effect and stimulation that can emanate from works of significant art.