Fig.: English oak and basalt stele in Triefenstein (Photo: Elvira Lantenhammer)

The first talk of an "oak planting in honour of Joseph Beuys" in Triefenstein on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Joseph Beuys came up in 2018. It has now been standing since 22.10.2021.

Around 70 guests gathered on the occasion of the planting campaign along the Main cycle path below Homburg Castle to ceremoniously plant the stile oak and basalt stele in honour of the artist.

Initiated and carried out by Elvira Lantenhammer (Kunst im Schloss Homburg), as well as the Free International University founded by Beuys and Beuys' former assistant, artist and writer U We Claus, the guests were offered a lot besides the central oak planting:

The planting action was introduced by the dance performance "SteinEiche" by Lisa Kuttner and Thomas Hupp. In addition to ample food and a comprehensive introduction to the theme of "Social Sculpture" by U We Claus and project manager Lothar Müller, the guests also had the opportunity to take their own oak cutting home with them, thus assuming the responsibility for this tree, as demanded by Beuys, on behalf of society.

The oak planting in honour of Joseph Beuys in Triefenstein is part of the cooperation between STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V. and the museum DASMAXIMUM KunstGegenwart Traunreut.