FutureAtelier 2023

"The future we want must be invented."
- Joseph Beuys

What bothers us, what would we like to change, who do we want to be and how can we do it? These are the questions that five school classes have been asking themselves over the past few weeks in our ZukunftsAtelier.
Based on Beuys' 7000 oaks, the pupils had the opportunity to create their own social sculpture in their class. Great ideas, signs and actions were created.

Trostberg State Secondary School

7th grade with teacher Verena Müller-Blechinger

The topic of "waste avoidance" was the focus of the
7th grade of the secondary school in Trostberg.
"Waste" is so integrated into our everyday lives:
On the way to school, in the playground, in nature, etc.
We encounter it everywhere and often it even catches our eye.
no longer exists.

The aim of the students' project was, on the one hand
more awareness of the environmental pollution caused by
waste, but also to do something concrete about it.
The result is a recipe book with recipes for
Avoiding waste in your own everyday life and the environment.

The tasty recipe photos consist of
On closer inspection, it is made from garbage that the pupils
had previously collected.

Walter-Mohr-Realschule Traunreut

8th grade with teacher Cosima Strähhuber

The pupils of the Traunreut secondary school set
their focus on the topic of "Healthy nutrition and
Cooking lessons as a subject in all year groups".

With creativity and commitment, they designed
Cotton bags with recipes and shopping lists,
designed their own logo in linocut and
ordered aprons with the logo for their presentation
at the summer party.

Her idea is not just to preach healthy eating,
but to actively integrate them into everyday school life.



Inntal-Gymnasium Raubling

9th grade with teacher Astrid Strasser

The pupils of the Raubling grammar school dealt with
with the theme "LEARNING ABOUT LIFE". Your goal is to,
questioning the rigid school system and important
Life skills such as stress management and
to integrate relaxation techniques more strongly into

Her poster shows the school as a puzzle in which
important parts of life are missing. Accompanied by a movie,
which showed a stressed-out top manager who had to deal with
is overwhelmed by simple tasks, the students want to
discuss their idea with the rector's office and ask for a
more holistic education.

Freiham secondary school (Munich)

7th grade with teacher Tina Keck

The pupils of the Freiham secondary school set
under the theme "We have earned this"
with a burning problem: the
lack of communication between teachers, parents
and pupils.

You do not feel sufficiently recognized
and heard, so they developed in long
Discussions Terms such as co-determination,
Freedom of expression, tolerance, equal rights and
Respect, who pay their "salary" for a harmonious
together. Their creative expression found
on T-shirts that convey their message
symbolized. In addition, they designed a
impressive cardboard sculpture, which is now in the school building.
is on display.

The FutureAtelier 2023 took place within the framework of the Climate Art Festival of STADTKULTUR e.V.. A heartfelt thank you also goes to this year's sponsors: County of Traunstein, District of Upper Bavaria, Freundes- und Förderkreis DASMAXIMUM e.V. and Stiftung Zukunft Jetzt! For the Munich school class.

The FutureAtelier 2023 took place within the framework of the

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