Fig.: Handing over the tree sponsorship certificate - from left to right: Dr. Maria Schindelegger (Director DASMAXIMUM), Irene Biebl-Daiber (Mayor Bernau), Marah Strohmeyer-Haider (Galerie MarahART Bernau), Lothar Müller (Project Manager Oak Plantations DASMAXIMUM), Dr. Corinna Brandl (KunstKreis Bernau), Dr. Peter Lämmerhirdt (Board DASMAXIMUM Foundation) and Dorothea Tielemann (KunstKreis Bernau).
Fig.: Participants and those involved in the planting campaign watering the oak tree.
Seven years ago, one of the tree sponsors from Bernau, Marah Strohmeyer-Haider from the gallery of the same name, discovered the basalt stelae for the oak plantings in honour of Joseph Beuys on the grounds of the museum in Traunreut. She could not let go of the idea. She got the municipality of Bernau under the leadership of Mayor Irene Biebl-Daiber and the Bernau Art Circle around Corinna Brandl and Dorothee Thielemann on board. In the anniversary year of Joseph Beuys, the time had finally come.
In splendid autumn weather, the stele and the red oak were planted in the Kurpark Bernau by the local building yard. After the oak planting could only take place in a small circle due to the pandemic, this time numerous participants and interested people came to help dig the planting hole, plant the tree and water it. Afterwards, the municipality of Bernau invited all those present to a small snack in front of the town hall. And so it is to be hoped that the positive mood of community action for the benefit of all will not end with the day of planting, but will be carried on from there in the spirit of Joseph Beuys.
Parallel to the planting, the performative sculpture "Steps in the Right Direction" by the artist Helmut Mühlbacher from Traunstein took place, where one could accompany the artist as he walked a circle in the Kurpark Bernau for twelve hours.