Fig.: Rural youth board member Alexandra Uhrmann driving in stakes on the provisional "lifting platform" of the second mayor Matthias Wolferstetter (top) and representatives of the rural youth at and after successful planting (bottom).

The members of the Catholic Rural Youth Tyrlaching had already taken over the sponsorship for the planting action during a visit to the museum DASMAXIMUM 2019 and selected a basalt column for the tree. After a longer Corona postponement it worked out now also with the planting, although corona-conditioned in the small circle.

Tyrlaching's first mayor Andreas Zepper personally transported the stele from the MAXIMUM to Tyrlaching, second mayor Matthias Wolferstetter used a bulldog to place the 700 kg stone, local councillor Lothar Müller provided guidance, and the young people planted, filmed and now take care of the young oak at what is probably the most prominent place in the village.

"Actually, I'm not much of an art person," says Landjugend chairwoman Alexandra Uhrmann, "but DASMAXIMUM is a great museum, and the planting campaign in honor of Joseph Beuys strikes a chord in every respect." The fact that the youth in particular has taken on the sponsorship is a particularly nice sign for the future.