The planting in Deggendorf marked the conclusion of the cooperation with STADTKULTUR. Initiator and tree sponsor Christian Vogt actually had the idea to conclude his project "Oaks of the World", with which he wants to plant over 300 oaks in Munich within five years, with an "oak planting in honor of Joseph Beuys". However, the search for a location turned out to be extremely difficult. Through a fellow project member, contact was made with the Angermühle Clinic in Deggendorf, a clinic for psychosomatic illnesses located in the historic palace in the city park in the heart of Deggendorf. Oak and basalt stele were planted in front of the main facade of the building complex "Palais im Stadtpark" near the Stadtparkrondell and accompanied by an extensive program that deliberately brought together different groups of residents of the city from different ages. The singing group of the Senioren-Aktiv-Club arranged the musical supporting program, lyrically accompanied by the dialect author Gerti Reinhardt. Artistic projects by three schools from Deggendorf were also part of the program, as was an art action by the Deggendorf Art Association. The local sections of the LBV and Bund Naturschutz also participated in the planting. Thus, once again the planting in Deggendorf proved how much the project brings people together and creates something communal for the good of society. Following the planting, the cultural office of the Angermühle Clinic, under the direction of Sabine Rehm-Deutinger, organized the exhibition "Every Man is an Artist - Homage to Joseph Beuys" with an extensive accompanying program including the film screening "The Oak - My Home".


Tree sponsors: Christian Vogt, Oaks of the World and Dr. Hans-Rainer Buchmüller, Head of the Angermühle GmbH Clinic, Deggendorf
Initiator: Christian Vogt
Planting: property management Palais in the city park,
Christian Hartmann / Hartmann Nursery, Deggendorf / Tremmel Tech Company, Berg
Tree: Swamp oak (Quercus palustris)
Basalt stele: Dietrichsberg Quarry, Rhön

A project of the DASMAXIMUM Foundation and STADTKULTUR Netzwerk Bayerischer Städte e.V.



Lothar Müller, project manager of the DASMAXIMUM Foundation, will introduce the guests to the project "Oak plantings in honor of Joseph Beuys", as well as the artist's work and oeuvre.

Students from the Comenius-Gymnasium in Deggendorf took part in the planting campaign with their own performance featuring self-designed nature hats.

As always, the first thing to do is to bring the basalt stele into the vertical position.

The same now happens with the oak. It, too, is erected at a distance of exactly one meter from the stele.

Everything was fixed with soil and planting stakes and watered. Now it's time to grow!

...like her 300-year-old neighbor in the courtyard of the Stadtpalais. A very special journey through time!

Photos: (1-4, 7) Norbert Polkehn, (5) Sabine Rehm-Deutinger, (6) Edith Polkehn



Status 10/25/2022
Photo: Sabine Rehm-Deutinger