Since 2012, after the delivery of the basalt stelae from the Altenburg quarry near Kassel, Dr. Robert Anzeneder, principal of the Johannes-Heidenhain-Gymnasium in Traunreut and board member of the Friends and Sponsors of DASMAXIMUM, had been considering an oak planting in honor of Joseph Beuys at his school. Not least his persistent inquiries prompted DASMAXIMUM Director Dr. Birgit Löffler to an ever more intensive exchange with the Beuys family, among them above all the widow Eva Beuys, the foundation "7000 Oaks", the landscape gardener Norbert Scholz, who has been responsible for the Kassel oak planting since 1982, and the Beuys master student and companion Johannes Stüttgen, so that the "Oak Planting in Honor of Joseph Beuys" could take place in the spirit of the artist, who died in 1986.

The landscape architect and artist Helmut Mühlbacher, who was responsible for the new planning of the school grounds, was receptive to the idea, the city's master builder Thomas Gätzschmann was pleased with the location of the planting site on Adalbert-Stifter-Strasse, and the school was once again given a central art site next to its main entrance. After some initial reluctance, the students from the 10th and 11th grades who were "assigned" to the planting outside in freezing temperatures were inspired by the infectious good mood of those responsible and - together with Dr. Anzeneder, his deputy Matthias Schmid, the representatives of the city, DASMAXIMUM and the horticultural company - lent a hand. Johannes Stüttgen had introduced the topic the evening before with a lecture on the Kassel Beuys project "7000 Oaks" in the auditorium of the JHG and, together with Dr. Anzeneder, also welcomed guests who had traveled a long way, such as Dr. Christine Fuchs, who delivered a word of greeting on behalf of the "7000 Oaks" Foundation, as well as colleagues and art lovers from the Munich area.



Tree sponsor: Friends of Johannes-Heidenhain-Gymnasium
Initiator: Dr. Robert Anzeneder, Principal JHG
Planning: Mühlbacher and Hilse Landscape Architects
Planting: Eibl Garten- und Landschaftsbau, Traunreut
Tree: Swamp oak
Basalt: Landsburg Quarry, donated by the Foundation DASMAXIMUM


Fig.: Tenth and eleventh graders of the Johannes Heidenhain Gymasium planting the oak tree and placing the basalt stele.
1.row: Dr. Robert Anzeneder, Principl of the JHG, Chairman of the Friends of the Museum DASMAXIMUM and initiator of the oak planting speaks greetings to the participants. Dieter Eibl, head of the gardening company Eibl, adjusts the basalt stele. Dr. Birgit Löffler, Director DASMAXIMUM, Thomas Kazianka, Director k1, First Mayor Klaus Ritter and Robert Anzeneder shoveling the stele excavation.
2. row: OSt Matthias Schmid, deputy director of the JHG, with Dieter Eibl driving the planting stakes.
3.row: Municpal architect Thomas Gätzschmann and First Mayor Klaus Ritter are happy with the students of the JHG about the successful planting action.
Photos: Franz Kimmel, DASMAXIMUM


February 5, 2016

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